life seems to be different after yoga

what a change a small breath can make

…A place to quiet the noise and soothe the soul









The demands of modern life keep us in perpetual “doing” mode, constantly multi-tasking and rushing from one task to the next, often unaware of how we even moved through the day.  When we allow ourselves to slow down and “just be,” we realize how much time we spend on autopilot, distracted in thought, barely attending to what is going on right in front of us.  By pausing and giving yourself the time to turn inward you can learn to meet each moment with greater awareness and presence, and find the beauty in daily life.


Learn to connect more fully to yourself and those around you in an open hearted and compassionate way.  Find support and encouragement in the Qwell community as together we strive toward greater presence and engagement in our lives.




Tune into the grounding presence of your breath as an anchor in the midst of your busy life.  Give yourself the time and space to turn inward and connect to the subtle sensations of inhaling and exhaling.  Allow the breath to keep you in the present moment when you are pulled out of it by distraction. Find greater calm and peace internally that are always available to you when you need them.

Our story

Our studio is located on a quiet and green street in Tel Aviv city

with two cozy halls and a variety of classes from morning to evening, including Fridays and Saturdays.

The studio was established more than a decade ago and has since undergone a number of incarnations, but the mission is to be a place where the profession of yoga is practiced.


Our vision

We define Lotus as a  place which creates a family, intimate and professional space where everyone can feel part of the community.

Our vision is that Lotus will become a second home for practitioners and teachers - a community that provides a framework for personal depth and development.
We invite you to connect with yourselves, breathe and give your body and soul what they deserve.
From our rich experience we have learned that each and every one of you have a different method of practice.

Therefore, Lotus offers a variety of practice methods as well as personal advice in choosing the right lesson for you.

We practice







דהארמה יודגה




יוגה להריון ולאחר לידה

Pregnancy Yoga




Therapeutic Yoga



Our classes

To view our timetable click here

price list

single class

70 nis

unlimited weekly pass

250 nis

unlimited monthly pass

495 nis

Upcoming Events / Workshops

שדה זה הוא חובה.
שדה זה הוא חובה.
שדה זה הוא חובה.

?want to talk

we will be right back with you

?want to talk

we will be right back with you

שדה זה הוא חובה.
שדה זה הוא חובה.
שדה זה הוא חובה.

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טלפון 03-6026606


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